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I have a voice in my head that chatters at me incessantly. I’m sure you do as well. Sometimes this voice is a friend, but often it personifies all of our negative self-perceptions and amplifies them with its unstoppable yammering. Often this voice stops us from trying new things for fear of failure, or even for fear of success. Blogger and leadership advocate Michael Hyatt says that the ability to create positive personal change is found when we gain control of the story this inner voice constantly repeats – by rewriting it.

Doha Qatar

The city of Doha – image source

Sometimes there are ideas worth having, dreams worth dreaming, and projects worth pursuing that could result in catastrophic failure. Consider Doha. This mega-modern metropolis is surrounded by a foreboding wilderness completely devoid of drinkable water. How can you build a massive city in the middle of a desert? How can you offer a secure and dependable source of where none exists naturally?

Ras Abu Fontas

Ras Abu Fontas Desalination Plant – image source

The reason this city and the country of Qatar can thrive is they are undaunted by the lack of water. They researched until they discovered the solution: a massive desalination plant. The nearby Persian Gulf provides an unlimited source of salt water awaiting conversion to potable water. Now residents have an abundant supply. Looking ahead, Doha is creating new solar-powered desalination plants that will provide water to irrigate crops for local farmers. These farms will allow the country of Qatar to become food secure.

What is your audacious project? Where is your city in a desert? Maybe it is time to look closely at the problems that prevent you from getting started. Rewrite the negative story. Take a risk worth taking today.