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Why Customer Service Still Matters

On my way to work this morning, my car notified me that one of my tires was losing pressure. I didn’t know which one. Perhaps in our post-modern times it’s possible to make cars advanced enough to check the air pressure in all of their tires, but it’s still impossible to display which tire has an air pressure problem. All of this made troubleshooting more difficult than it could have been. I needed to outsource the problem to a professional.

I had experienced great service with Firestone Complete Auto Care in Memphis, so I searched online and located one along my commute. I expected, based on experience, that the staff would be friendly, responsive, and that the repairs would be done with excellence.

On arriving unannounced, a cheerful attendant greeted me and rearranged his schedule in the shop to accommodate my tire repair. They repaired the tire and replaced a burned out running light, and this cost me less than I expected to pay to have the problem diagnosed. I departed Firestone happy that I was able to find a high quality repair shop near Philadelphia.

All of this could have ended very differently. If the staff at my local Firestone had not been so professional and responsive, I would be researching another shop for my next repair. As it stands, they’ve kept a loyal customer.

Your reputation is only as good as your last customer’s word of mouth.