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The mind is a fertile place, so let’s take care what we plant there. It is widely believed, by everyone from Dr. Phil to James Allen, that what we think about or meditate on will grow to produce fruit – either good or bad. In this post, I share some thoughts about this principle and some resources I have found helpful. Read on!

Managing our thoughts is a primary task for those of us who lead others (and we all do in one way or another). What tone do we set as leaders? Are we suspicious of those we lead, or do we serve them by identifying their gifts and aspirations, and do we free them to express their unique value in the workplace? I think it is nearly impossible to make room for emerging leaders while being jealous for power and control.

Coach Bob Starkey says in this blog post inspired by John Maxwell, “The willingness to ask questions coupled with the discipline to seek out answers separates leaders from followers.” If this is correct, then what you plant in the fertile soil of your mind makes a critical difference in the quality and direction of your life. For those of you who want to examine this in much more detail, I have found John Maxwell’s audio book, Questions I Ask Myself as a Leader to be extremely helpful.

Perhaps one of the most powerful examples of positive thinking and effective leadership I have seen is Fred Rogers. Fred created the chilren’s TV show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in 1968. It inspired children daily for 40 years before finally being removed from rotation on PBS. He was consistently inquisitive, friendly, and positive. Recently PBS Digital Studios created a video remix that illustrates the care of the mind. It is titled Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind. I have embedded it here for your enjoyment.


Direct link to video in case embedding doesn’t work with the way you are reading this post.

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