in Thoughts

Who Will I Be Today?

What version of me will I be today? Will I be hopeful or pessimistic? Will I be generous or stingy — afraid, or confident?

We think a lot. Some say we think as many as 70,000 thoughts a day, but it’s likely that the number is more like 20,000. We get to choose those thoughts.

Often, we are not critical of our own thoughts. We have learned to mistrust what others say about us. Yet what we say to ourselves bypasses the filters that we have set up to protect us from dangers “out there.” The most dangerous place for our mental health and attitude towards others is often our own thought life.

We can improve our thought lives:

  1. Consume positive things. What are your interests and dreams? Find podcasts and books that nurture those interests. Have interesting conversations with encouraging friends.
  2. When self-defeating or false thoughts begin to emerge, tell yourself the truth. Don’t entertain those negative thoughts. If you don’t know what’s true about yourself, ask trusted friends.
  3. I am a Christian, and I believe the Bible tells us the truth about ourselves. I read my Bible daily and check my self-talk against what God says there. See Psalm 139:13-18.