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If you have trusted in Jesus Christ as your savior, you are fighting in a cosmic battle. Because of your daily struggles, you may think this battle is over financial provision for your family, your sexual purity, your depression and loneliness, or the safety of your children. This is not true. Your personal struggles are merely a sideshow.

The main event is the battle for the eternal souls of those around you. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus has given every Christian their marching orders. We are to go into the world and preach the good news that Jesus Christ has paid the sin-debt of every person, and that they can be saved by simple faith in him.

Could it be that much of the incredible difficulty faced by Christians is caused by this misunderstanding? We focus on a sideshow when God wants us engaged in the main event! We want to hold to our faith, to protect our loved ones, and not to give in to the temptations and pitfalls of the world around us. But when we trust in the work of Jesus Christ, we are secure in his love and provision for this life and for our eternal home in heaven. Our personal victory is guaranteed in Jesus. Rather than defending our personal gains, we need to engage in sharing the gospel so that God can take new ground in the lives of those around us.

Will you join Jesus in the main event by sharing the gospel with those around you? You are to share the love of Jesus Christ, and to be Jesus in this world. Let me urge you. Take your eyes off of yourself. Christian, every hurt, every financial challenge, and every besetting sin has a simple purpose: to shut your mouth. See Revelation 12:11 to understand why I believe this is Satan’s primary goal.

If you are so weighed down with the cares of this world that you lose sight of what God has done for you, you will no longer speak of God’s love. If you doubt your own salvation because there is no visible sign of God’s life in you, you will not testify of the saving power of the blood of Jesus to those you meet.

Join me in this simple resolution. “I will never forget that the real battle is for the lives of those around me. No matter what struggles I face, I will dedicate myself to sharing the gospel whenever and wherever I can.”

I believe that if you make this resolution and act upon it your personal struggles will begin to lose their strength. Those personal struggles are only useful to Satan if they close your mouth. Once he sees that nothing will close your mouth, he will likely shift his tactics. You may lose business opportunities, promotions, and in some parts of the world even be imprisoned for sharing your faith. But once you are obedient to what God has told every Christian to do, your faith will grow, and those around you will come to know Jesus Christ personally.

Personal Note: If you are my friend and you do not know Jesus as your savior, I am sorry that I have not spoken to you. Please approach me and let me know you want to hear the gospel. Sometimes it is difficult for me to know how to bring this subject up, especially at work, but I am always happy to talk about it!

Christian, your personal struggles are only a sideshow

Panorama atop Battle Mountain at night by slworking2. Some rights reserved.