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Search engine optimization (SEO) is not as difficult as you think. While there are enough advanced techniques to make your head spin, at its simplest level SEO is all about content. If your website ignores the words a customer uses to find your business on Google, you will be invisible. That customer will choose another business.

If you own a private school in Memphis, this may surprise you, use the words “Memphis private school” in your website copy. Otherwise, parents of prospective students will not find you when they Google for a Memphis private school. A good first step would be to view your website’s home page with a browser and verify if it contains your desired keywords. Open your browser’s Find tool (Mac: Cmd + F; Windows: Ctrl + F), type the keyword phrase, “Memphis private school,” and view the results. If there are no matches, edit your website content so that it includes the phrase for which you want to rank.

On its own, adding keywords to your website content is not always enough to rank your site on Google’s home page. There are often thousands of other website owners who want their site on the first page as well. We all want to be more visible on Google. There are clever things you can do to use internal and external links to increase your ranking on search engine results pages.

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