in Thoughts

It seems that nothing worthwhile is ever really finished. Repetitive tasks are a significant part of our work.

A young mother feeds her baby. In a short while, she will feed him again.

A gardener removes all the weeds from a flowerbed so that flowers have room to bloom. Next week, he will do it again.

Beauty requires repetitive tasks.

Maintaining a flowerbed requires repetitive, menial work. – Photo by DowianA

It’s likely that you, like most others around the world, just returned from a job where you worked hard, thought well, and produced something of value. Tomorrow, you’ll do it again.

The point of this repetition is to satisfy urgent human needs, create beauty, and contribute something of value that others can consume. The never-ending tasks share a common characteristic: they are other-directed. They are about making life more livable for others. They are not designed to create pleasure for ourselves.

In the process of repeating our endless work, we sometimes feel used, depleted, and discouraged. We forget that our tasks meet vital needs for others around us. Perhaps if remember that our work serves others, we can see our tasks as our greatest contribution. What we sometimes consider drudgery is the very thing that helps us connect authentically with the world around us. It is that hard work that lets us encourage, equip, and feed others physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Moms are building the next generation. Gardeners are creating beauty that feeds our souls. Employees are teammates, builders, and creators of value.

Whatever your role, do it with all your heart. Then, get up tomorrow and do it again.