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Call-and-response in marketing

In music, call-and-response is a dialog in which one musician initiates a musical phrase and others respond with their variation on that phrase. Similarly, in business, a call to action is the entry-point to a what marketers call a response mechanism. A call to action invites a potential customer to take action in response to an advertisement on TV or a landing page on the Web, or to reach out to you by email from your website.

Dueling Banjos by Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell

When thinking about your business on the Web it is easy to forget that there are multiple response mechanisms available to your calls to action. For example, offering your telephone number is often a very effective way to improve the offline response to your calls to action, especially if your customers are not particularly fond of technology. As unlikely as it sounds, there may even be occasions when you want to encourage your customers to contact you offline via a physical mailing address. Or, you may want to go higher tech and access the mobile channel with QR codes.

Your most effective calls to action will likely ask your customers to respond by sending you an email, submitting a form on your website, or completing an e-commerce checkout process. Whatever response mechanism you use, keep your call to action clear and easy to understand. The customer’s response should feel as natural and unforced as the best call-and-response musician’s melodic phrases.